Monday, November 29, 2010

Heritage Walk

Diversity of faith, language, customs, beliefs, architecture, art and a variety of visual and performing culture build a certain context of cityscape. The personality and character of a city is the result of centuries of growth in the course of which new elements are constantly juxtaposed with the older ones. The processes of urbanization tend to marginalize the inner city areas that embody the heritage aspects not only of the buildings but also of a certain lived experience.

The urban living makes the city too familiar to notice anything extraordinary about it. People pass by the beautiful heritage buildings everyday in a hurry to reach their offices or schools without noticing them. Heritage walk is a tool to explore the unexplored and neglected richness of the city. It plays an important role for the development of history and character of the city through generating interests and involvement of the local community in the urban conservation activity. In Ahmedabad, a heritage walk has been going on from Swaminarayan Kalupur Mandir to Jumma Mosque for more last ten years. In 2008, a special walk for deaf and dumb students was organized.  

Kavi Dalpatram, Akha Bhagat:

As a result of the walk, many houses and public places were restored. It also inspired many others to participate in the heritage activity. Two of Gujarat's eminent poets' houses were also restored. This restoration of both Kavi Dalapatram's house and Akha Bhagat's house opened a space of interaction between communities and also a space for performance. Two beautiful statues of the poet's are being put up at the respective houses. These statues stand as a grandfather figure for kids.     


Students' Initiative:
Inspired by this initiative, in 2007, MICA and NID students extended this project. MICA students made posters for the Heritage Walk. Later they used the designs to produce special Heritage walk calenders and bookmarks. At the same NID students launched an interactive website on the Heritage walk of Ahmedabad.  

Other Walks and initiatives: 

Kranti Yatra:

In 1915, Mahatma Gandhi chose Ahmedabad as his Karmabhumi - the place of action. It was from here that he united the entire nation towards achieving the dream of independence and posited the ideal of non-violence for the entire world as a unique mode of resistance. Gandhiji found faithful supporters and able companions in this city. The citizens of this city adopted Gandhi’s ideals and without any religious differences jumped into the freedom movement at the great risk to their lives. It is necessary to acquaint the new generation with the primary actors of the city whose contributions were imperative to the independence movement. Moreover, it is necessary to make the citizens proud of the revolutionary activities that took place even before the arrival of Gandhiji and the key leaders of those events. With this vision in 1996, as part of the celebration of 50th anniversary of Indian Independence, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation in cooperation with Khadia Rashtriya Itihaas Samiti launched a walk that glances over the local history and heritage of Ahmedabad. Citizens participated in this tour in huge numbers with great enthusiasm. There was a general feeling that this walk be made a permanent part of the city’s experience. Hence, the Krantiyatra is organized to visit some of the significant places on foot to get to know the valorous people associated with those revolutionary events and freedom movement like Narayan Desai and Divan Venishankar; Swadeshi movement’s prominent elders such as Ambalal Desai, Krupashankar Pandit, Chunilal Bhatt, and Keshavlal Mehta; elders like Seth Ranachodlal and Chinubhai Baronet; certain people close to Gandhi and Sardar such as Dahyabhai Ijataram, Balavantrai Kanuga, Narharibhai Parikh, Jivanlal Barrister, Balavantrai Thakore, and Jivanlal Divan; and some important female personalities such as Sulochnaben Desai and Nanduben Kanuga. 

Audio Walk and Night Walk: 

House of MG designed an audio walk. This was one of the first audio walks of the country. House of MG also designed a night walk starting from Mangaldas ni Haveli, Sankadi Sheri. 


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